Hans Vredeman de Vries, “Alchemist’s Laboratory”

[“That which is wisely tried again will succeed sometime."]
Hans Vredeman de Vries, “Alchemist’s Laboratory”

A brief professional history

I am a software architect and senior developer specialized in facilitating data science. My PhD is in Personality and Social Psychology; it focused on applied statistics, Natural Language Processing, measure creation, data science, and data ethics. My dissertation involved data mining approximately 160,000 obituaries from across the country to better understand patterns of values in the people who wrote them.

Academic Psychology was a natural place to build skills in software development and data science; my work included advanced training in applied statistics, database design, computer science, and research design and ethics. I realized partway through my graduate work, however, that I was more passionate about building tools to facilitate data science, and about answering others' questions, than about running a research lab myself. My career since has reflected that.

I cultivate expertise in working with and educating collaborators and clients at a variety of technical skill levels – creating software and workflows that enable others to ask questions they may not yet have language to describe, and that scaffold on and incentivize current best practices in security, analytics, and privacy.

I value participating in careful, respectful mentorship, and I firmly keep in mind the “campsite rule” in both code and workplace culture: to make a lastingly positive impression, and to leave things better than I found them.

Before becoming interested in computer science and applied statistics – and setting the foundation for my interest in data ethics – I spent much of my time as an undergraduate studying Western Classics and ancient, medieval, and early modern ethics.