Long Notes

Suggestions for Facilitating Conference Calls, Especially for Semi-Remote Teams

4 min read I’ve written several suggestions for facilitating addressing pain points in conference calls, after reading and experimenting for six months.

An Introduction to "Document Contextual Emphasis"

6 min read I’ve developed what I think is a novel User Interface approach for embedding a list of Frequently Asked Questions into a dense document, using a straightforward markup strategy.

*Can* Users Consent to Data Mining, Ethically (Even if Legally)?

7 min read Having taken part this week in a panel discussion at the 2017 DLF Forum conference, I raise a question I’ve been struggling with: can users consent to data mining, if they can’t realistically be expected to substantively understand the risks?

Slides and speaking notes from a Digital Library Federation Forum Panel on Data Governance and Ethics

7 min read Earlier this week, I presented as part of a panel discussion at the 2017 DLF Forum conference. I am releasing my slides and speaking notes for that presentation.

I am a PhD Graduand

5 min read I have successfully defended my dissertation in Psychology at the University of Oregon, and am a PhD graduand (i.e., awaiting the conferral of the degree). My dissertation and its code and supporting files are freely available.

Introducing Markdown Mapper

16 min read I’ve written a command-line program in R to facilitate reverse-engineering concept maps from plain-text notes (especially those written in Markdown).

Paperback is Fascinating, Exciting, and Funnily Funny

2 min read Paperback is an open-source program that was apparently created as a joke for paper-based backups, but works, and well.

I Wrote a Pelican Plugin for Privacy

1 min read Following an idea from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, I wrote a plugin for Pelican to protect user privacy on pages with YouTube videos embedded.