Short Notes

Markdown Mapper has been Updated to v0.1.2

1 min read Markdown Mapper has been Updated to v0.1.2, and now supports code blocks, blockquotes, and other sections of text that span multiple lines.

I've Uploaded a Poster on the Ongoing Obituaries Project

1 min read I’ve created a poster presentation with an update on the virtues-in-obituaries project, and have uploaded it here.

The University of Oregon's New Media and Culture Certificate Program has Posted an Interview with me

2 min read The University of Oregon’s New Media and Culture Certificate program interviewed me for a “shelfie” spotlight, which has been posted.

I am now Listed on the Software Carpentry Team Page

1 min read I recently finished the Instructor Training seminar for Software Carpentry, and am now listed on the organization’s Team page.

Pelican Video Privacy Enhancer and Code Block Numbering Plugins Accepted

1 min read Two plugins that I wrote for Pelican, the static site generator that this website uses, have been merged into the main Pelican Plugins repository.

Retroactive Publishing

1 min read I will be publishing several posts retroactively in the coming weeks.

A Short, Motivational Video about the Exciting World of Bash (the Linux and Mac OSX Command-Line)

1 min read As part of the Software Carpentry Instructors’ Training program, I created a short video to excite viewers about the most common Unix Command-Line Interface, “bash.”

A simple explanation of the MIT license

1 min read A simple explanation of the MIT license.

I've written a short SQL introduction for R

1 min read I’ve written a short introduction to the sqldf package, which allows using SQL (which is commonly used for querying databases) in R.

Study on R Markdown Reported

1 min read I’m just linking to an article about teaching the use of RMarkdown for introductory statistics students.