Curriculum Vitae

12 May, 2021

Jacob Levernier, PhD

Philadelphia, PA | GitHub: publicus | LinkedIn: jacoblevernier


Skilled software architect and senior developer specialized in creating tools for data science. Recognized as a leader in team facilitation and communication and in project documentation and management.


Languages and Frameworks:

JS/ES6+, React.js, Redux, Next.js, Node.js, Typescript; Python; R, Tidyverse; Go; Bash; SQL (Postgres, MySQL); Cypher (for Neo4J); PHP; JAMstack

Documentation and Dashboarding:

RMarkdown, Shiny, Jupyter, LaTeX, Hugo, Pelican

Data Systems:

API (inc. REST-based APIs) and workflow design, microservice architectures; Docker, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes, Vault, Terraform; ElasticSearch; Linux server setup and administration; database schema architecture (SQL and NoSQL); automated unit testing and functional testing (inc. Jest, Selenium); database encryption and obfuscation (data perturbation, synthetic data generation, disclosure control, differential privacy); data ethics and privacy design; applied statistics, inc. Bayesian statistics


Agile Project Management (inc. Jira and OpenProject administration); documentation writing and upkeep; mentorship of junior colleagues and students


University of Oregon

  • PhD, Personality and Social Psychology 2016

    • Emphasis in Natural Language Processing and applied statistics

    • Supporting Area in Data Science, including Data Management and Data Ethics

  • Graduate Certificate in New Media and Culture 2014

  • MS, Psychology 2012

University of San Francisco

  • BA, Psychology 2010

    • Valedictorian (Arts and Social Sciences) and Dean's Medalist (Arts)

Blackfriars, University of Oxford, UK 2008-2009

  • Visiting Student Program, Philosophy and English Literature

Professional Experience

The Coleridge Initiative – Remote Jan. 2021 - Mar. 2021

Data and Privacy Manager

  • Planned privacy and data initiatives for state and federal governments to protect sensitive, large-scale datasets in a warehouse for sensitive state and federal microdata

  • Developed and documented approaches to ensure that tabular, model-based, and graphical outputs from sensitive data complied with statistical best practices and data steward requirements

  • Roadmapped new infrastructure to automate and scale processes for export release across languages (R, Python, etc.) and research domains

  • Reviewed and contributed to negotiations on data sharing agreements with government and university data steward agencies

  • Designed and trained two teams in new project management and documentation approaches

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA Sept. 2018 - Jan. 2021

Senior Analyst / Programmer, Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics

  • Helped to build "Arcus," a large-scale micro-architecture platform for securely combining clinical and research datasets to facilitate new types of research in pediatric healthcare

  • Served as Technical Lead and software architect on multiple projects in a matrixed, cross-team environment

  • Designed and contributed to software to aid in the creation and management of a searchable archive of petabyte-sized genomic datasets

  • Developed containerized frontend, server, ETL, and API components (Go, React / Redux, Node, Python, R, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes, Terraform) for large-scale metadata management system

  • Project lead for designing and developing wrappers and workflows for local build infrastructure (via Docker) and Continuous Integration (Bazel, Snakemake, GitHub Actions)

  • Key voice in the evaluation and adoption of Agile Project Management approach for a 40-person, six-team project, including introduction and administration of Jira; served as one of 3 project administrators for Jira

  • Designed and iterated project management and documentation workflow for multiple teams

  • Managed large, complex projects, bearing responsibility for major components of larger research initiative

  • Tasked with improving and handling cross-team communication and documentation between development team and other stakeholder teams

Princeton University / University of Pennsylvania Libraries – Remote 2019

Contract Data Scientist

  • Developed a semi-supervised workflow for cleaning and classifying library borrower records to aid administrators in understanding resource allocations

The University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA 2017, 2018

Contract Programming and Data Science Instructor, Price Lab for Digital Humanities

  • Developed and taught curriculum of novel, concept-focused two-day workshops on Python for faculty and graduate students

The University of Pennsylvania Libraries – Philadelphia, PA Jan. 2017 - Sept. 2018

CLIR Bollinger Fellow in Library Innovation (Data Scientist)

  • Tasked with designing and bringing new analysis approaches, privacy protection techniques and policies, and education approaches into the Libraries and adjacent organizations; key voice and co-author in revision of Privacy Policy approach for sensitive borrower data

  • Contributed code and analysis pipelines across projects with library staff software developers

  • Co-founded advisory group on programming and policy best practices relating to data privacy

  • Designed and authored ETL, cleaning, analysis, and interactive visualization pipelines on borrower datasets

  • Administrated and taught R User Group for faculty, graduate students, and staff

The University of Oregon – Eugene, OR Sept. 2011 - Dec. 2016

Teaching Fellow, Research Fellow

  • Architected and authored novel LAMP-stack participant recruitment system for Department of Psychology, for use across multiple laboratories, incorporating privacy-promoting approaches

  • Provided programming support, including writing code and educating users, for multiple social science research labs

  • Taught Graduate Statistics, Advanced Undergraduate Statistics, and Research Design

  • Evaluated and developed technical systems and tools for data management for researchers

The Veterans Health Research Institute - San Francisco, CA Sept. 2010 - Jul. 2011

Staff Research Associate II

  • Architected and authored research participant recruitment database for PTSD research lab

Selected Publications and Presentations*

  • Co-authored 7 articles and case studies in various publications and books, including Child Development, Digital Medievalist, and PeerJ

  • Presented invited talk for the Library of Congress' Topics in Preservation Series (May 2018)

  • Presented at 11 conferences, including several Digital Library Federation and Society for Personality and Social Psychology conferences