Video Privacy Enhancer Plugin Updated

As previously described, I wrote a privacy-enhancing plugin for Pelican, the static site generator that this website uses, which prevents tracking cookies from being placed on users’ computers by websites like YouTube until the user explicitly “opts in” to watching the video by clicking on the thumbnail. This plugin is now included with the free Pelican Plugins repository.

I’ve now updated the plugin with two major changes (with a Pull Request pending approval approved

UPDATE: The Pull Request has now been approved!
to update the version in the main Pelican Plugins repo.):

  1. In addition to YouTube, the video sharing service Vimeo is now supported.
  2. The plugin code is now *much* easier to update to support additional video services. The documentation that comes with the plugin has also been updated to make this process straightforward for any users who would like to contribute.

Thus, using Pelican, writing


the video from is embedded like this (click to view):


while writing


embeds the video from (click to view):