I am Excited to be Working through CLIR in the University of Pennsylvania's Libraries

I am very excited to announce that I will be beginning work in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania in January 2017 as the University Libraries’ Bollinger Fellow in Library Innovation through the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR). CLIR’s press release is here.

I am joining the 13th cohort of CLIR postdoctoral fellows, who include other social and data scientists (including recent doctoral graduates in psychology, anthropology, sociology, neuroscience, and related disciplines), medievalists, information scientists, and others. CLIR’s mission includes the development of a generation of “scholar-librarians,” who have earned PhDs and can talk with university faculty from a common background, effecting development and adoption of best practices in data ethics and management, software curation, and digital scholarship in academic institutions, using academic libraries as central hubs of change. CLIR released a summary of the types of work in which I will be collaborating at the University of Pennsylvania here:

Jacob Levernier (University of Pennsylvania) received his Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Oregon. Based in Penn’s Library Technology Services Division, he will collaborate with collection curators, metadata specialists, business analysts, information technology developers, and a computer scientist to study fundamental challenges in discovery, content delivery, assessment, and information presentation. As Bollinger Fellow in Library Innovation, he will work with library systems, users, and troves of data to explore and help design new forms of data-driven support for research and learning that may influence catalogs and cataloging practice, researcher profiling systems, human interface design, repository tools, and the use of social media in understanding information seeking behavior and the use of data. In addition, he will have input into cooperative initiatives of the Penn Libraries and its peers as they work to unlock the benefits of linked data and shared discovery networks.

This opportunity causes not only excitement but also gratitude in me; I feel tremendous admiration for the work of both the University’s Libraries and CLIR, and appreciate that this interdisciplinary position is precisely what I trained for during my time as a graduate student. I look forward with optimism to completing my move to Philadelphia, and to reporting here on future projects.