I've Written an Extension for Bullet-Journaling in Visual Studio Code

I’ve released an extension called “org-checkbox” for the popular text editor Visual Studio Code (VSCode). It is specifically for rendering color-coded checkbox lists in plaintext notes, based loosely on the Bullet Journal system. I have released the extension under a BSD 3-Clause license. The BSD 3-Clause license is “permissive” like the MIT or BSD 2-Clause license, but additionally states that one may not invoke the name of the author to endorse a derivative product (“This product uses X, which was written by Y, so it must be good!“). I doubt that anyone would endorse a product using my name in that way, but still find the additional control of the 3-clause BSD variant appealing.

Within VSCode, the extension adds coloring for unordered list checkboxes in org-mode and markdown text. This facilitates creating simple Bullet Journal files using either of those syntaxes.

This extension is a port of a similar extension that I wrote for the Atom text editor.

It highlights the following syntax:

- [], - [ ]: Todo
- [X], - [x]: Done
- [V]: Done, but on a different day (Date of completion)
       (Date or reference goes in parentheses at the end of the line)
- [>]: Next / Scheduled
- [<]: Migrated
- [/]: Right now / In progress
- [O], - [o]: Waiting on someone else

- O A description of an event

When rendered, the above looks like this:

I use this extension daily with my todo lists. I appreciate the slight motivation that comes from seeing an item switch from red to blue when in progress, and then to green when complete.