I Wrote a Pelican Plugin for Privacy

This website uses a privacy-enhancing Pelican plugin UPDATE 2014-06-29: Link corrected that I wrote and have contributed back to the Pelican Plugins repository (pull request status pending). UDPATE 2014-05-31: I have moved the pull request after realizing that there was a mistake in the original one. The new pull request’s status remains pending is accepted as of 2014-09-23.

This plugin, the “YouTube Privacy Enhancer,” is a conceptual replication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s MyTube plugin, which pre-caches thumbnails of embedded YouTube videos so that users are not tracked by Google until they explicitly “opt-in” by clicking on the thumbnail (at which point the thumbnail is replaced by the video embed iframe). I do this to keep external tracking cookies from your computer as much as possible; I think that this is an ethical practice. A full explanation of the plugin’s rationale and inspiration (the EFF’s MyTube plugin for Drupal) can be found here.

Here’s an example: by writing


the video from http://youtu.be/QHmML7bu-iM is embedded like this (click to view):