A Short, Motivational Video about the Exciting World of Bash (the Linux and Mac OSX Command-Line)

I’ve been working through the Instructor Training program for Software Carpentry, an exciting organization funded through the Mozilla Science Lab to provide two- to three-day “boot camps” on scientific programming and data management to researchers and academics around the world. For one of the training assignments, I created a short video to excite students about the most common Unix Command-Line Interface, “bash.”

The purpose of the video is to motivate / excite, rather than to explain. It features some music that is, I think in retrospect, cheesy and possibly distracting (one reviewer fairly likened it to “elevator music”); including it was an experiment that I’m happy to have made, though. The video was recorded with Simple Screen Recorder, my favorite program for screen-recording in Linux. Audio was from a normal Shure SM58 plugged into my computer’s sound card via a small Behringer MX-602A mixer.