A Self-Hosted Sync Solution for Zotero

11 min read Because of my preference not to use the Zotero server to sync my academic library, I have written a small bash (command-line) function to sync Zotero database files over any server of one’s choosing (including, e.g., OwnCloud or Dropbox).

KeePass2 KPScript Installation on Linux

3 min read KeePass2 comes with an extension that gives it a Command-Line Interface. I found it confusing to install in Linux, and so am posting instructions here.

A Short, Motivational Video about the Exciting World of Bash (the Linux and Mac OSX Command-Line)

1 min read As part of the Software Carpentry Instructors’ Training program, I created a short video to excite viewers about the most common Unix Command-Line Interface, “bash.”