*Can* Users Consent to Data Mining, Ethically (Even if Legally)?

7 min read Having taken part this week in a panel discussion at the 2017 DLF Forum conference, I raise a question I’ve been struggling with: can users consent to data mining, if they can’t realistically be expected to substantively understand the risks?

Slides and speaking notes from a Digital Library Federation Forum Panel on Data Governance and Ethics

7 min read Earlier this week, I presented as part of a panel discussion at the 2017 DLF Forum conference. I am releasing my slides and speaking notes for that presentation.

Slides for a Presentation on "Non-Psychometric" Survey Design

2 min read In August 2017, I gave a new presentation on “non-psychometric” survey design. I am releasing the slides for that presentation.

A Video of 'Time Travel for Academics,' an Introduction to Git, from the University of Oregon

3 min read I’ve posted a video of a one-hour introduction to version control with Git for academics that I presented at the University of Oregon.