Reflections on Educating on Copyright

A link to a brief guide on copyright, with a few addenda.

Video Privacy Enhancer Plugin Updated

The Video Privacy Enhancer Plugin that I wrote for Pelican has been updated to allow embedding videos from Vimeo.

I've Uploaded a Poster on the Ongoing Obituaries Project

I’ve created a poster presentation with an update on the virtues-in-obituaries project, and have uploaded it here.

I've Written a new Pelican Plugin for Code Block Line Numbering

I wrote a Pelican plugin to bypass what I think are limitations with Python’s Markdown syntax highlighing extension, CodeHiLite.

Data Preprocessing in R — Processing Obituaries for Gephi

A tutorial for using R to convert comma-separated lists of character traits into a format suitable for Gephi, a network-mapping tool (includes a neat picture!)

I Wrote a Pelican Plugin for Privacy

Following an idea from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, I wrote a plugin for Pelican to protect user privacy on pages with YouTube videos embedded.

I've Uploaded a Poster on Data Management

I recently gave a presentation on Data Management, and have uploaded it here.