ROxygen2 now allows all MARC Relator Codes for Author Roles

A GitHub Pull Request that I submitted to the roxygen2 project for R has been merged, allowing the use of all MARC Relator codes.

Materials from a Conference Presentation at BH & DH: Book History and Digital Humanities

I’ve posted slides and a paper that Heather Wacha and I presented on assessing overlap between medieval maps at Book History and Digital Humanities: A conference at the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture.

veccompare for R has been released on CRAN

veccompare, an R package I’ve authored with Heather Wacha, is now listed on CRAN.

From Markdown Mapper, which is GPLv2-licensed (but release this section under the Public Domain? – so Markdown Mapper overall is still GPLv2, but this can be used however):

We may want, e.g., to use ‘ignore.case = TRUE’ for gsub below, which means NOT using ‘fixed = TRUE’. So we need to escape all of the characters in the ‘From’ column that could be interpreted as regular expression characters: deactivate_regular_expression_special_characters <- function(string_to_sanitize){ list_of_regular_expression_symbols_to_escape <- c( # Following the list at http://stackoverflow.

KEEP IN MIND that I need to think carefully about licensing issues re: this (e.g., state that it’s MIT licensed, but that the code may also show up with the UO, and grant them free reign to do what they want with it, too) create_spss_style_correlation_matrix_from_corr_test <- function(corr.test.object){ # This function takes the output from the Psych package’s corr.test() function and formats it like an SPSS-style correlation matrix, with r, p, and n all printed together.

Converting JSON to CSV in R

Markdown Mapper has been Updated to v0.1.2

Markdown Mapper has been Updated to v0.1.2, and now supports code blocks, blockquotes, and other sections of text that span multiple lines.

Introducing Markdown Mapper

I’ve written a command-line program in R to facilitate reverse-engineering concept maps from plain-text notes (especially those written in Markdown).

Creating Word Processor Tables from R Dataframes

Here is a small function for creating Word- or LibreOffice-compatible tables from R.

Automating Quiz Grading (for Qualtrics Data) with R

I’ve written an R script to automate the grading process for short multiple-choice quizzes, and am releasing it for others who are teaching and using online data-collection methods.