I've Written an Extension for Bullet-Journaling in Visual Studio Code

2 min read The (free, open-source) org-checkbox extension is now available in the Visual Studio Marketplace for creating color-coded todo lists.

An Introduction to "Document Contextual Emphasis"

6 min read I’ve developed what I think is a novel User Interface approach for embedding a list of Frequently Asked Questions into a dense document, using a straightforward markup strategy.

ROxygen2 now allows all MARC Relator Codes for Author Roles

2 min read A GitHub Pull Request that I submitted to the roxygen2 project for R has been merged, allowing the use of all MARC Relator codes.

Markdown Mapper has been Updated to v0.1.2

1 min read Markdown Mapper has been Updated to v0.1.2, and now supports code blocks, blockquotes, and other sections of text that span multiple lines.

Introducing Markdown Mapper

16 min read I’ve written a command-line program in R to facilitate reverse-engineering concept maps from plain-text notes (especially those written in Markdown).