I am a PhD Graduand

I have successfully defended my dissertation in Psychology at the University of Oregon, and am a PhD graduand (i.e., awaiting the conferral of the degree). My dissertation and its code and supporting files are freely available.

A Video of 'Time Travel for Academics,' an Introduction to Git, from the University of Oregon

I’ve posted a video of a one-hour introduction to version control with Git for academics that I presented at the University of Oregon.

The University of Oregon's New Media and Culture Certificate Program has Posted an Interview with me

The University of Oregon’s New Media and Culture Certificate program interviewed me for a “shelfie” spotlight, which has been posted.

Data Preprocessing in R — Processing Obituaries for Gephi

A tutorial for using R to convert comma-separated lists of character traits into a format suitable for Gephi, a network-mapping tool (includes a neat picture!)